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Trading in the TLVD Financial Group System

Confidence Is Built on Trust!

TLVD Financial Group is an innovator in the industry of individual free of charge foreign exchange trading. Founded in 1991, the company has established itself as a secondary provider of online trading in the currency market. Company reputation is synonymous with reliability, excellence and integrity. TLVD Financial Group is a financial group of the company TALVEAED AS.

TLVD Financial Group earns from spread. Trading in the Forex market (foreign exchange market) is not made on the stock exchange and is not suitable for all investors. For more information, please see our position on risks.

Position on Risks

TLVD Financial Group allows trading currencies with high leverage. For example, the contribution of $1.000 enables you to trade currencies amounting to $100.000. If you trade with the maximum possible leverage and if the change in exchange rate of a certain currency amounts to just 1%, your entire investment is at risk.

Rates can change rapidly due to a large number of economic and political factors.

Unlike deposits in US banks e.g., contributions to TLVD Financial Group are not insured by FDIC. Due to insolvency the customers of TLVD Financial Group may lose their investments.

TLVD Financial Group operates as a secondary provider for all transactions in your account. This means that you sell and buy currencies in transactions with TLVD Financial Group as a principal. TLVD Financial Group does not charge commissions from customers’ accounts.

Using its own discretion, TLVD Financial Group may determine whether to cover its positions in certain currencies in the cash market or not at any time.

Any opinions on the future direction of currency movements expressed by the representatives of TLVD Financial Group are opinions only and do not reflect the opinion of TLVD Financial Group and are in no way guaranteed. TLVD Financial Group is not responsible for any losses incurred as a result of decisions made, actions taken or not taken due to the information provided by TLVD Financial Group or any delays, inaccuracies, errors or omissions in the information provided.

The transactions in which you participate with the company TLVD Financial Group are not traded on an exchange. Therefore, since the main broker is in the U.S.A, in accordance with the position of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code, your funds may not get the same protection as the funds used in trade on futures and options contracts, which are given priority in bankruptcy. Since this advantage is not applied to funds used for off-exchange forex trading, if the finance company TLVD Financial Group declares bankruptcy and you have a claim on deposits or profits derived from currency transactions, your claim will be satisfied together with requirements of ordinary creditors of the money remaining after payments of first and foremost claims. Even the customers’ funds that the company TLVD Financial Group keeps separate from its own operating funds may not be protected from the claims of other general and foreground creditors.

All translations are for reference only. For official documents please refer to Estonian or English versions.

Benefits of Trading in the TLVD Financial Group System



  • Insurance policy of the broker of TLVD Financial Group
  • The funds are placed in one of the 10 largest banks in the world – UBS Bank, which allows faster movement of funds between your trading account in TLVD Financial Group and your bank account in Russia, CIS countries or anywhere in the world

News and Analysis:

  • Proper analysis
  • Free access to the program of technical analysis for customers
  • Free daily emails of news, which analyze each of the four main global trading sessions

Unique services:

  • Mobile trading and technical analysis help traders to be in touch with the market and their accounts
  • Various types of accounts for fund managers and their clients

Customer Support:

  • Customer support is available 24 hours a day during the business week
  • Comprehensive materials for assistance in learning Forex market

Founded by pioneers of the industry, the company TLVD Financial Group has continued to prosper by providing fast execution of orders, excellent software and technology, significant educational resources as well as the continuous improvement of services.