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Cash contribution - Receipt by bank transfer (explanation)

Visit convenient for You service point of TLVD&EasyPay system or CONTACT system.
Fill in the form with required data for the transfer. Specify the bank details of receiver and the urgency of transfer.
For convenience of Customers:
In any convenient service point of TLVD&EasyPay, there is an opportunity to make a contract for internet-service to send money transfers from home and from work via internet.
  • If money transfer is made via CONTACT system, in accordance with applicable law of RF (Russian Federation), maximum amount of money transfer to RF (Russian Federation) is 20000 EUR/USD or 600 000 RUB for one private person/representer of juridical entity. Maximum amount of money transfer from RF (Russian Federation) is 10000 EUR/USD or 350 000 RUB for one private person nonresident, 5000 EUR/USD or 175 000 RUB for one private person resident.*
  • The amount of money transfer in TLVD&EasyPay system is not limited.*
* Transaction blocking by a Partner must be in accordance with all applicable laws.

Attention! You are dealing with financial service! Before using the service, we advise You to check out thoroughly the conditions of financial service. If necessary, consult a specialist!