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Court Decisions Related to Money Laundering

The judgement of the Tartu County Court on 14/01/2008

In the case of misconduct # 4-07-4261 on 14/01/2008 the Tartu County Court fined an individual acting on behalf of a funding agency which had neglected diligence measures emanating from the law against money laundering. The person who commited the offence, had not established the identity of a client, thus making possible a capture of a loan by the third person.

The judgement of the Tartu County Court on 26/03/2008

In the criminal case # 1-08-2795 2007 on 26/03/2008 the Tartu County Court reached an agreement between prosecutors and a group of defendants. Using fraud the defendants obtained SMS-loans to accounts of various persons, from which they transferred money to their accounts not intending to return the loans. The defendants transferred money between accounts many times hoping to conceal a true beneficiary.