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RAB EGMONT Identity Documents Act


It is good to know that in order to establish the identity of a person in the Republic of Estonia the following documents are used:

  • Identification card (ID card) of the Republic of Estonia
  • Passport of the Republic of Estonia
  • Diplomatic passport
  • Seaman’s book or a seafarer indentity
  • Alien’s passport
  • Temporary travel document
  • Emigrant’s travel document
  • Certification for return
  • Permission for return
  • Passport of a foreign state
  • Identification card (ID card) of an EU citizen
  • Driver’s license, if the document contains the name, photo or image of its owner, signature, date of birth or ID code.

The States with the Requirements on Preventing Money Laundering And Terrorist Financing Which Are Equivalent to Those in the EU

The Egmont Group was founded in 1995 to support international programs on the combat against money laundering and terrorist financing, using the exchange of financial information, staff development, the development of communication channels, exchange of experience. To join The Egmont Group it is necessary that the legal framework of the state applying for membership is in line with international norms and standards. Estonia became a member of the Egmont Group in 2000.

Having adopted the EU Third Money Laundering Directive the EU Committee makes the list of the countries and territories where the requirements on suppression of money laundering and terrorist financing are equivalent to the EU requirements. Due to the fact that the document has not been published we recommend to recourse to the analogous list composed by the Egmont Group which reliability was confirmed at the international level.