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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Questions on Trading

1. What is the spot rate, what is the spot market, and on what exchange is it traded?
In daily newspapers one can read quotations for the options on currencies, spot rates and forward rates. The spot rate is the price of the currency of one country expressed in the currency of another country established at the time of transaction. Counterparty banks perform currency exchange on the second business day after the date of transaction. Forex trading is not bound to any single trading place (Stock exchange). This is a worldwide network of currency dealers who are interconnected via telecommunications and located in all the world’s leading financial centers. They provide quotations to customers and carry out their orders round the clock. The bulk of forex trading is between 250-300 large international banks which perform transactions for large companies and governments. These banks provide prices fro each other and their corporate customers.
2. What do the terms “bid/ask” and “spread” mean?
Ask Price is the price of a seller at which the customer can buy a particular currency ( the larger figure in a bilateral quotation). Bid Price is the price at which the customer may sell a particular currency (the smaller figure in a bilateral quotation).
3. What is the point (pip)?
It is the custom in the currency market to call the minimum value of currency price change “point” (pip). For the currency pairs where Japanese yen is the quotation currency, the point is 0.01. For the remaining 9 currency pairs the point is equivalent to 0.0001.
4. What is the point price?
The point price is the monetary expression of profit/loss in the open position when the currency rate changes by 1 point. The point price answers the question: How much does the amount of profit/loss in the open position change with the fluctuation of the currency rate by 1 point?
5. What types of orders are available for placement in TLVD Financial Group?
You can place Market, Stop, Limit, CCA as well as post-orders (If Done).
6. How do I withdraw money from my account?
Withdrawing funds from an account is a simple process. Download the Withdrawal Request Form, fill it out, scan and send it to us by e-mail. Your request should be processed within 2 working days as of TLVD’s receipt of your Withdrawal Request Form.
7. When is rollover charged?
The rollover is charged at 19:00 GMT.
8. Why do I have two passwords for my account?
The online password only allows access to your online trading account. The phone password, on the other hand, will only allow you to place an order over the phone. Please note that your online password will not be acceptable for phone dealing.
9. Can I make a transaction over the phone?
Phone orders can be placed with our Dealing Desk 24 hours a day, from Sunday at 21:00 GMT to Friday at 19:00 GMT with the exception of public holidays.
10. Are the trades that I make over the phone recorded?
Not only is your phone transaction recorded but also any other conversations you have with our personnel are recorded.
11. Why is the rate quoted I see on Reuters and Bloomberg screen sometimes different from the one on your screen?
The prices you can see on the Reuters and Bloomberg screens are quotes supplied for information only. Even the prices you see at other banks and market makers are not necessary indicative of TLVD’s prices. The prices you see on our Dealing Rates screen are dealing prices at which our Desk is at the moment prepared to deal.
12. What happens if the rate changes at the very moment my order was entered?
If you submit a market order and the rate changes before your order is received, the system (demo accounts) and/or dealers (live trading) will show the current market price in the Open Order box , for you to decide whether or not you would like to resubmit this order. On average, you will have about 20 – 30 seconds to reply; otherwise the order will vanish from the screen. If you wish to cancel the new order manually, click on the order number and confirm your desire to cancel. If you wish to resubmit the new market order, click on the price and confirm your desire to resubmit the order.
13. Why do all of the units of a particular currency I am trading, get closed when I want to close one unit at a time?
When you click on the close price of a particular currency you are trading, the system will default to close the total number of units in your open trade box for that currency. If you do not wish to close all of the open positions, click on the arrow next to the number of units and adjust it to the number of units you want to close. If this contradicts your trading strategy, it is not obligatory to close all of your positions.
14. Why cannot I close a winning position if I have another position in the same currency that was opened first?
The trades that were opened first will be closed out first (FIFO – First In First Out). All open positions of a particular currency pair are liquidated in the order of opening.
15. I have stopped trading due to insufficient funding of my account, and no longer have free access to Charts. Why is that?
In order to have free access to the Charts your trading account should have a minimum of $500 in it.
16. How is my income from trading taxed?
We do not deduct taxes in favor of any state at present. However, this does not necessarily mean that customers should not pay taxes themselves. We advise you to consult a tax specialist in your country. It is the responsibility of a customer to declare and pay taxes on profit on transactions.
17. Can I place stop and limit orders on the same ticket as the open trade?
No, all orders are not linked to a particular open position in your account. All open orders are GTC (Good Till Cancelled) and the Deal Desk performs the orders as soon as the market reaches the specified level.

Technical Questions

1. When may I access TLVD Financial Group for trading?
The TLVD Financial Group company is closed from Friday 19:00 GMT to Sunday 21:00 GMT, however, the forex market is continually active due to the political and economic events that are happening 7 days a week. In fact, if there is a news announcement while TLVD is closed, there is a chance that your open order position may be filled further away than the price that you requested. For this reason, it is advisable to close your short-term positions before weekends and holidays.
2. When is TLVD Financial Group Support available?
The TLVD Financial Group Support is available 24 hours a day from Sunday at 21:00 GMT to Friday at 19:00 GMT.
3. What kind of system configuration do you recommend?
The trading platform has been designed to work with the standard PC available at most computer shops. We recommend the following minimum system requirements: 350 Mhz, 64 RAM, an Internet connection via a modem 56 KB/s or a dedicated line. Systems that do not meet these requirements may encounter varying degrees of connection.
4. What should I do if prices on my screen do not update?
Check your connection to the Internet. If you are connected properly to the Internet, then you can contact the TLVD Financial Group Technical Support.
5. What should I do if I need to open/close a position at the time when I have lost my Internet connection?
You can call the Dealing Desk phone number +372 609 1235 and place your phone order.
6. What is the best way to contact your Technical Support?
You can contact the Technical Support via e-mail or phone. When contacting the Technical Support via e-mail, please be as specific and short as possible regarding your concern. Be sure to include your User Name, Time and Date of the occurrence, the program you are using, and the message you received.
7. Is there a free phone number in the CIS which I can use to communicate with TLVD Financial Group?
There is no free phone number to contact our company in the CIS, but if you prefer phone communication, the staff of the TLVD Financial Group will call you back gladly and answer all your questions.
8. How rapidly will the employees of TLVD Financial Group be able to answer my questions by phone or e-mail?
The company TLVD Financial Group operates 24 hours a day, so its staff will answer your request as soon as possible.